Here Comes the Sun

So, here’s a cool new thing that happened: the sun came out in the Hudson Valley today and it was actually, sort of, almost…WARM. Maybe it was the promise of an eventual spring, but I felt compelled to assemble an outfit with every color I could find. What exists, for your viewing pleasure, is a conglomeration of some favorite prints and colors, mixed together with something like “reckless abandon.”

On a different note, my jeans were a very cool (and equally unexpected) $6 at target, but they don’t seem to reflect that price on the website. In opposition to the suggestion of tremendous discomfort implied by the paradoxically labeled “denim leggings,” they are SUPER comfortable. If I wasn’t the type of girl that IMMEDIATELY changed into leggings and my SUNY Sullivan sweatshirt the second I got in the door, I would explore my theory that they could be comfortably slept in. However, it will have to remain an interesting hypothesis, because just no.

MAR 16 - 4


MAR 16 - 1 MAR 16 - 2 MAR 16 - 3 MAR 16 - 5 MAR 16 - 7 MAR 16 - 8

today I am wearing...Jane

Earrings (Kate Spade, gift): similar style from Target 

Coat (Target, last season): a gorgeous JCrew option on sale

Clutch (Kate Spade): love this similar style on eBay

Necklace: F21

Shirt (F21, old): similar style in navy

Sweater (F21, old but so loved): similar style

Jeans: Target

Shoes (Tory Burch, really really old): similar style

Chain bracelet: F21

Pearl bracelet (part of set): F21

Nail polish: Butter (Union Jack Black)

*Cameo Ring: Really priceless. Much love.


Bringing The Color

This is a sorry not sorry kind of post. I’m sorry, I have been notoriously (I give myself too much credit) MIA the past few weeks. I’m not sorry because I got a new job, and have been devoting my energies to learning as much as possible about fundraising and Historic Huguenot Street (which is, coincidentally, what I do and where I work).

Go here. Learn cool stuff. Win at jeopardy. 

With a new job will hopefully come a new (and better) camera; I can’t wait for the quality of these images to get better! Until then, here’s my second-day-of-work look. I’ve been told I “bring color” to HHS, and I’m never one to disappoint…

MAR 14 - 3

You’ll have to excuse my hair. It was a long day.

MAR 14 - 4 MAR 14 - 5 MAR 14 -2

today I am wearing...JaneEarrings (old) F21 – similar style w/gold accents

Necklace (old) Rue 21 – similar style

Dress (old) Kohls – similar style at JCP

Tights Target – color on sale!

Boots (old) Kohls – similar style

Bag (present) Kate Spade – similar style (with a cute bow!)

Sorry, Not Sorry

If you’ve seen my twitter at all (shameless plug), you know #sorrynotsorry is a personal favorite. Us fashion bloggers all find ourselves supporting one trend while balking at another. I’m not sorry about my opinions regarding crop tops, egyptian print, neon (especially neon baseball hats), hoop earrings. Basically, I’m the only vaguely 80’s thing I’ll allow in my life. That said, the statement tee (or in this case, jacket) was a trend with too short a shelf life. It lasted from summer to fall of 2013 and by Spring 2014, it had all but banished, relegated to clearance corners everywhere.

I bought this jacket when the trend was at its peak (at least for us mainstreamers). I almost died (intentional hyperbole) when I saw it on F21’s “What’s New” page (and consequently, almost died when I saw it a few months later severely marked down). That said, I refuse to let this trend die because I am strongly in favor of all loud sentiments (especially my own). So, on a nice psuedo-spring day, I grabbed my trusted military jacket on my way out the door!

Disclaimer: I finally had a Saturday off, so I was playing it a bit more casual than usual. The boy and I bummed around New Paltz eating our way through lower main street and celebrating National Margarita Day. I intended to post pictures of our carb-based meals, but found myself too deeply ashamed of the capacity of nacho chip I ate. Next time, loves.

SAT_FEB 22 SAT_FEB 22_1 SAT_FEB 22_4 SAT_FEB 22_5 SAT_FEB 22_6 SAT_FEB 22_7 SAT_FEB. 22_3

today I am wearing...JaneHat (KMart, old, similar style on sale), Earrings & Necklace (Groovy Blueberry Boutique), Jacket (F21, SSO, available in a similar print in green), Shirt (Hollister), Jeans (Kohls), Bag (Kate Spade), Sneakers (Converse).

logoGet your tie dye, folks.

Girls Love Kate

Kate Spade saves the day. I honestly don’t know how I managed to accessorize before I discovered Kate Spade. Of course, a Lady in Leopard is always a safe bet. Maybe I went a bit wild (pun intended) with print and colors, but with a neutral top (I own several of this same American Apparel top) and skinny jeans, I think color and prints are required. Hey, girlfriend needs to liven up a quiet gray Library office, no?


today I am wearing...JaneEarrings (Kate Spade, SSO, similar style on sale!), Pearl Bracelet (F21, SSO, similar style), Yellow chain bracelet (F21), Leopard Jacket (F21, old, similar style), Black shirt, seen here and here (American Apparel), Jeans, seen here too (Charlotte Russe, old, similar style), clutch (Kate Spade, SSO, super cute similar style).

Black Swan

I am not a ballerina, even though I spend several pointed moments every day convincing myself I was an Eastern European dancer in a previous life. I am inexplicably drawn to tulle and ribbons in a way that only past life dance experience can explain. So, when I saw this fabulous aztec print skirt with a black tulle underlay ON SALE at boohoo, I could so desperately not resist. Also, boohoo might be my new favorite online shop (its amazing and I’m a bit ashamed I didn’t know about it before). I highly recommend teaching in a psuedo-tutu; I don’t know what it does for credibility, but anything is more fun when you’re wearing tulle.

THURS_Feb. 18_3 TUES_FEB. 18 TUES_Feb. 18_4 TUES_Feb. 18_5 TUES_FEB.18_2today I am wearing...JaneBlazer (F21, old, similar style), Earrings (F21, SSO, different colors), Necklace (Target, ON SALE), Shirt (American Apparel), Belt (JoyceLeslie, in store only, similar style), Skirt (Boohoo), Tights (Target, only $5), Yellow Bracelets (F21, only $2.80), Shoes (Rock & Republic for Kohls, old, similar style), Bag (Betsey Johnson).

Be My Valentine

Ohmygosh it’svalentinesday!


These are so pretty to look at, but are the GROSSEST. Who eats these? Seriously?

I don’t even care, not one little bit, I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I don’t care if it’s commercialist/capitalist/misogynist, etc. I’m a sucker for anything pink and sparkly, love any fruit dipped in (vegan) chocolate, can be wined and dined without argument and have an extraordinary boyfriend to spend the day with. Speaking of which, my extraordinary boyfriend surprised me today with lovely roses and took me out (vegan) grocery shopping before bringing my parents along for a lovely meal at a local Asian fusion restaurant, Yobo. Maybe Valentine’s day is cheesy, overpriced and insensitive to the singles out there, but I had a damn good day. I hope you all had an awesome day too!

Speaking of awesome, today was a very Betsey (Johnson) day! The pieces I wore were older (and probably available on ebay), but Betsey’s always churning out new and improved styles, so don’t be shy: check out her awesome website!


His and Hers Valentine’s presents.


Get a man drunk, he’ll love you forever (or until he sobers up).



Feb 14_PT 1_2

Yes, you do sense a theme. XOX.

Feb 14_PT 1

For the Aria in all of us (if you don’t watch PLL, you won’t guess this, and must have an actual life on Tuesday nights. Good for you.)

A Shredded Sweater for a Daytime Look…

today I am wearing...Jane

Earrings (Kohls, old, similar style), Cat Necklace (Betsey Johnson, SSS, similar style), Ripped Sweater (F21, very similar style on sale!), Clutch (Betsey Johnson, old, similar style), Cell phone case (Betsey Johnson for Michaels IN STORE: Only $5 saywhat?!)

A Little Birdie for Evening!
Feb 14 Feb 14_2 Feb 14_3 Feb 14_4 Feb 14_5 Feb 14_6


This is actually my second drink. I just wanted it because it was blue.


Yes, it looks like I’m fellating a disemboweled Buddha. It was the most awkward drink on the menu.

today I am wearing...JaneDress (Nikki Minaj for KMart ON SALE), Sweater (F21, old, similar style ON SALE), Jacket (Target, ALSO SEEN HERE), Earrings (Kohls, old, similar style), Belt (F21, old, similar style), Sparkle bracelet (F21, ALSO SEEN HERE), Bow Bracelet (F21), Bird clutch (Betsey Johnson, old and SSO, here’s an idea), Pumps (Iron Fist, old and SSO, new version).


Three Days of Fashion

Forgive me blogosphere, for I have sinned. I haven’t updated in about a week because my teaching semester began, and I was woefully underprepared. I had to play fast catch up, but I am now back!

I’m giving you a best of for last week, as consolation for my absence. You have to love the kitchy “S” sweater from Weds. that was the fuel for many poor-quality come-ons.

You’ve also got to love Thursday’s green demin. I think I spent $15 on them about a year ago at NY&Co (btw, they have excellent jeans for bootylicious ladies like moi) and they are FANTASTIC!

My F21 pink blazer is the love of my life. It was one of those items that I bought because it was pink and am SO GRATEFUL that I did. I think I spent $25 on it at F21 and it was SUCH  a great investment. A colored blazer (especially a brightly colored one), will never go out of style and will bring life to any outfit.

And finally, the grand unveiling of my Christmas-time Manolo’s (seen here). They hurt, I bleed, and it’s so okay.

I hope you enjoy my “best of.” I will be better, I promise.

Wednesday: “S is for Superwoman”

WED - JAN 29 WED - JAN 29 0 WED - JAN. 29 WED-JAN. 29

today I am wearing...Jane

“S” Sweater (Old Navy), Blue Top (A&F), Flower Necklace (F21, SSO: similar style), Leather skirt (F21, old, similar style), Pearl Bracelet (F21  part of set), Watch (Betsey Johnson SSO: similar style), Bag (Lacoste $80 at Marshall’s, similar style), Shoes (Manolo Blahnik $100 via The Real Real, similar style).

Thursday: Edgy Gingham

THURS.  JAN. 30 THURS. - JAN. 30 THURS. - JAN. 30 2 THURS. - JAN. 30 3 THURS. - JAN. 30 4

today I am wearing...JaneGingham shirt (F21), Necklace (F21, old, similar style), Earrings (KMart, old, similar style), Jeans (NY & Co, old, similar style), Belt (Hot Topic), Shoes (Poetic License, old, same style, darker color).

OUTTAKE: When you don’t have a photographer, self-timer begins your friend and enemy.

THURS - JAN. 30 1

Friday: On Fridays, We Wear Pink

FRI.  JAN. 31 FRI. - JAN. 31 FRI. - JAN. 31 1 FRI. - JAN. 31 2 FRI. JAN. 31 3

today I am wearing...JaneBlazer (F21, old, similar style), Scarf ($4.20! at CW Price, similar style and price), Bag (Calvin Klein, old, a lovely MK option), White tank ($2! F21), Jeans (Charlotte Russe, old, similar style), Shoes (Irregular Choice, old, check out their funky shoes at MustLoveShoes).