Baby, It’s Cold Outside

So, that whole Polar Vortex thing isn’t a new role-playing game for displaced Northern Europeans, it’s actually just a scientific term to describe the “colder than a witches tit” weather we’ve been having (I guess we should be thanking this Polar Vortex for replacing that phrase into the cultural vernacular). While it’s easy to make fun of the alarmists (the greatly sympathetic journalists in the field suggesting they’re cold in places they didn’t know existed), even they hardiest of us flinches in this brisk, 7 degree weather.

Naturally, the weather plays a necessary role in wardrobe selection. Even if its only to emotionally prepare us for our foolish choices, this cold weather made such an impact that even took notice. Fashion bloggers made the concerted effort to stay chic under puffy down coats and avoid Uggs (what is this, the apocalypse)?

My friends, I tried to stay chic the last couple of days, but baby, it’s fucking cold outside.

CIMG0866 CIMG0868 CIMG0869 CIMG0871

today I am wearing...Jane

Earrings (Xsre, in store only, similar style), Bracelets (F21, part of set), Shirt (F21, in store only, similar styles here and here), Pink Blazer (H&M, old, similar style), Pants (Rue 21, old, similar style), Bag (Reiss, consignment store, similar style).

CIMG0879 CIMG0877 CIMG0874

today I am wearing...Jane

Earrings (Groovy Blueberry Boutique, similar style), Necklace (Rockabilly Event, similar style, and one for less money), Studded Jacket (Target, ON SALE), Shirt (American Apparel), Skirt (Joyce Leslie, in store only, similar style), Stockings (Betsey Johnson ON SALE), Boots (Kohls + Nail polish)


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