Three Days of Fashion

Forgive me blogosphere, for I have sinned. I haven’t updated in about a week because my teaching semester began, and I was woefully underprepared. I had to play fast catch up, but I am now back!

I’m giving you a best of for last week, as consolation for my absence. You have to love the kitchy “S” sweater from Weds. that was the fuel for many poor-quality come-ons.

You’ve also got to love Thursday’s green demin. I think I spent $15 on them about a year ago at NY&Co (btw, they have excellent jeans for bootylicious ladies like moi) and they are FANTASTIC!

My F21 pink blazer is the love of my life. It was one of those items that I bought because it was pink and am SO GRATEFUL that I did. I think I spent $25 on it at F21 and it was SUCH  a great investment. A colored blazer (especially a brightly colored one), will never go out of style and will bring life to any outfit.

And finally, the grand unveiling of my Christmas-time Manolo’s (seen here). They hurt, I bleed, and it’s so okay.

I hope you enjoy my “best of.” I will be better, I promise.

Wednesday: “S is for Superwoman”

WED - JAN 29 WED - JAN 29 0 WED - JAN. 29 WED-JAN. 29

today I am wearing...Jane

“S” Sweater (Old Navy), Blue Top (A&F), Flower Necklace (F21, SSO: similar style), Leather skirt (F21, old, similar style), Pearl Bracelet (F21  part of set), Watch (Betsey Johnson SSO: similar style), Bag (Lacoste $80 at Marshall’s, similar style), Shoes (Manolo Blahnik $100 via The Real Real, similar style).

Thursday: Edgy Gingham

THURS.  JAN. 30 THURS. - JAN. 30 THURS. - JAN. 30 2 THURS. - JAN. 30 3 THURS. - JAN. 30 4

today I am wearing...JaneGingham shirt (F21), Necklace (F21, old, similar style), Earrings (KMart, old, similar style), Jeans (NY & Co, old, similar style), Belt (Hot Topic), Shoes (Poetic License, old, same style, darker color).

OUTTAKE: When you don’t have a photographer, self-timer begins your friend and enemy.

THURS - JAN. 30 1

Friday: On Fridays, We Wear Pink

FRI.  JAN. 31 FRI. - JAN. 31 FRI. - JAN. 31 1 FRI. - JAN. 31 2 FRI. JAN. 31 3

today I am wearing...JaneBlazer (F21, old, similar style), Scarf ($4.20! at CW Price, similar style and price), Bag (Calvin Klein, old, a lovely MK option), White tank ($2! F21), Jeans (Charlotte Russe, old, similar style), Shoes (Irregular Choice, old, check out their funky shoes at MustLoveShoes).


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