Be My Valentine

Ohmygosh it’svalentinesday!


These are so pretty to look at, but are the GROSSEST. Who eats these? Seriously?

I don’t even care, not one little bit, I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I don’t care if it’s commercialist/capitalist/misogynist, etc. I’m a sucker for anything pink and sparkly, love any fruit dipped in (vegan) chocolate, can be wined and dined without argument and have an extraordinary boyfriend to spend the day with. Speaking of which, my extraordinary boyfriend surprised me today with lovely roses and took me out (vegan) grocery shopping before bringing my parents along for a lovely meal at a local Asian fusion restaurant, Yobo. Maybe Valentine’s day is cheesy, overpriced and insensitive to the singles out there, but I had a damn good day. I hope you all had an awesome day too!

Speaking of awesome, today was a very Betsey (Johnson) day! The pieces I wore were older (and probably available on ebay), but Betsey’s always churning out new and improved styles, so don’t be shy: check out her awesome website!


His and Hers Valentine’s presents.


Get a man drunk, he’ll love you forever (or until he sobers up).



Feb 14_PT 1_2

Yes, you do sense a theme. XOX.

Feb 14_PT 1

For the Aria in all of us (if you don’t watch PLL, you won’t guess this, and must have an actual life on Tuesday nights. Good for you.)

A Shredded Sweater for a Daytime Look…

today I am wearing...Jane

Earrings (Kohls, old, similar style), Cat Necklace (Betsey Johnson, SSS, similar style), Ripped Sweater (F21, very similar style on sale!), Clutch (Betsey Johnson, old, similar style), Cell phone case (Betsey Johnson for Michaels IN STORE: Only $5 saywhat?!)

A Little Birdie for Evening!
Feb 14 Feb 14_2 Feb 14_3 Feb 14_4 Feb 14_5 Feb 14_6


This is actually my second drink. I just wanted it because it was blue.


Yes, it looks like I’m fellating a disemboweled Buddha. It was the most awkward drink on the menu.

today I am wearing...JaneDress (Nikki Minaj for KMart ON SALE), Sweater (F21, old, similar style ON SALE), Jacket (Target, ALSO SEEN HERE), Earrings (Kohls, old, similar style), Belt (F21, old, similar style), Sparkle bracelet (F21, ALSO SEEN HERE), Bow Bracelet (F21), Bird clutch (Betsey Johnson, old and SSO, here’s an idea), Pumps (Iron Fist, old and SSO, new version).



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