Black Swan

I am not a ballerina, even though I spend several pointed moments every day convincing myself I was an Eastern European dancer in a previous life. I am inexplicably drawn to tulle and ribbons in a way that only past life dance experience can explain. So, when I saw this fabulous aztec print skirt with a black tulle underlay ON SALE at boohoo, I could so desperately not resist. Also, boohoo might be my new favorite online shop (its amazing and I’m a bit ashamed I didn’t know about it before). I highly recommend teaching in a psuedo-tutu; I don’t know what it does for credibility, but anything is more fun when you’re wearing tulle.

THURS_Feb. 18_3 TUES_FEB. 18 TUES_Feb. 18_4 TUES_Feb. 18_5 TUES_FEB.18_2today I am wearing...JaneBlazer (F21, old, similar style), Earrings (F21, SSO, different colors), Necklace (Target, ON SALE), Shirt (American Apparel), Belt (JoyceLeslie, in store only, similar style), Skirt (Boohoo), Tights (Target, only $5), Yellow Bracelets (F21, only $2.80), Shoes (Rock & Republic for Kohls, old, similar style), Bag (Betsey Johnson).


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