Sorry, Not Sorry

If you’ve seen my twitter at all (shameless plug), you know #sorrynotsorry is a personal favorite. Us fashion bloggers all find ourselves supporting one trend while balking at another. I’m not sorry about my opinions regarding crop tops, egyptian print, neon (especially neon baseball hats), hoop earrings. Basically, I’m the only vaguely 80’s thing I’ll allow in my life. That said, the statement tee (or in this case, jacket) was a trend with too short a shelf life. It lasted from summer to fall of 2013 and by Spring 2014, it had all but banished, relegated to clearance corners everywhere.

I bought this jacket when the trend was at its peak (at least for us mainstreamers). I almost died (intentional hyperbole) when I saw it on F21’s “What’s New” page (and consequently, almost died when I saw it a few months later severely marked down). That said, I refuse to let this trend die because I am strongly in favor of all loud sentiments (especially my own). So, on a nice psuedo-spring day, I grabbed my trusted military jacket on my way out the door!

Disclaimer: I finally had a Saturday off, so I was playing it a bit more casual than usual. The boy and I bummed around New Paltz eating our way through lower main street and celebrating National Margarita Day. I intended to post pictures of our carb-based meals, but found myself too deeply ashamed of the capacity of nacho chip I ate. Next time, loves.

SAT_FEB 22 SAT_FEB 22_1 SAT_FEB 22_4 SAT_FEB 22_5 SAT_FEB 22_6 SAT_FEB 22_7 SAT_FEB. 22_3

today I am wearing...JaneHat (KMart, old, similar style on sale), Earrings & Necklace (Groovy Blueberry Boutique), Jacket (F21, SSO, available in a similar print in green), Shirt (Hollister), Jeans (Kohls), Bag (Kate Spade), Sneakers (Converse).

logoGet your tie dye, folks.


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