1535584_10100336519933430_2115402230_nMy name is Sarah Hurd and I am a Development Coordinator for Historic Huguenot Street in New Paltz, NY and an adjunct professor at SUNY Sullivan. Prior to my current position at HHS, I spent the last 10 years working for the Newburgh Free Library and during the last three years worked in Communications and Programming. I also earned both my BA in English and my MA in English Lit (specializing in Rhetoric) from SUNY New Paltz. In my free time, I like to cover everything I own with sparkle nail polish, challenge friends and family during jeopardy, pretend I’m an epidemiologist, torture my debit card at F21  and Kate Spade and fail miserably at being a vegan (often becoming a vegetarian by default).


To be honest, I started this blog because of the wealth of comments I received about my outfits. Coworkers would talk about my style as if it was this abstract, carefully selected and masterfully articulated work of art. As flattering as it is when someone thinks your skill level is analogous with a magician/genius, I was dumbfounded as to why people thought that style (albeit, their own) was alien, reserved only for the young and daring. My style happens to be both young and daring, but it’s also many other things, perhaps the most important thing is cheap. Which brings me to my second point: you don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money on style (some of my favorite pieces are from wal*mart, kohls and k*mart, to name a few). You don’t need to be rich and you don’t need to be a magician, you just need to have a little luck and a lot of fun.


To this day, at the end of every runway show, Betsey Johnson does her famous cartwheel (which often lands her in an enviably perfect split). Betsey Johnson is in her 70’s, has suffered breast cancer and having to declare bankruptcy (and nearly losing her entire business); she still cartwheels, still years unquestionably bad hair extensions and still designs zany pieces that are undoubtably BJ creations. All this is to say, style doesn’t have an age. Style doesn’t have a price tag. Style doesn’t even have rules. For me, style is about forgetting the rules, having fun and being true to your reflection. At the end of the day, your style should be an articulation of self-love and self-respect; you deserve to see a you that makes you smile. Once you see that joy reflected to you, the rest of the world will smile back.




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